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Concealer. Where would we be without it? A holy-grail product and staple in most makeup routines. There’s nothing it can’t do: hiding tired eyes, dark circles and balancing your complexion. You’re not alone if you aren’t up to date with the latest concealer hacks – and knowing where to start can be overwhelming. 

Knowing where to apply and which area of the face to focus on is key in concealer application (for a deep dive into where to apply, check out this post). Most people aren’t confident whether they should apply before or after foundation. We’ve got you covered; the below concealer hacks have been taking TikTok by storm and we’re breaking them down for you here.



Before TikTok, THE go-to concealer hack was the upside-down triangle trend. Applying under the eye in the shape of a triangle was believed to give maximum coverage. Although this technique can disguise dark circles, if you’re not using the right tools, it can appear quite heavy, crease easily and make the under-eye area look heavy.   

Today, the trends definitely subscribe to the ‘less is more’ theory. This trend shows you how to lift eyes with makeup, focusing only on a small portion of the eye area. Apply a small amount under the inner corner of the eye and down the side of your nose. Then apply diagonally along the outer corner of your eye to elongate your eye shape. Blend this out using our Round Concealer Brush, following the diagonal lines for a lifting effect.   


It can be tough stopping concealer from creasing throughout the day (especially around the eye area) – but it’s not impossible. The key tools for the anti-creasing job? Loose Powder and Setting Spray. Helping to lock makeup in place, you can use these must-haves in a different way to really seal in your coverage.  

To make it last, step away from the usual technique of dusting powder over the skin or adding a few spritzes of setting spray. Instead, use a beauty blender with a small amount of Loose Powder on it and pat directly into the skin where you have applied concealer. Repeat this step with Setting Spray, spritzing your blender with the spray then pressing into the skin. 


Blemishes can be challenging to disguise with just foundation alone and sometimes strategically applying your makeup will help cover any unwanted spots. By simply changing the order of how you do things can take your concealer coverage to the next level. Use our Skin Base Concealer Pen along with our Flat Concealer Brush for ultra-precise application and apply to the targeted areas ahead of applying your foundation.  

Feel free to touch up your blemishes for perfected skin after you’ve blended in your foundation.  

Krista Thurrott

Krista Thurrott

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